Funders Club tends to focus on consumer technology companies, as well as broad new
trends such as “Internet of Things” and Drones.

What Makes it Unique

Funders Club came out of the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program, and it’s been able to use its pedigree to get access to other strong technology start- ups. It also tends to feature “funds” of start-ups—where, for example, an investor can get access to 10 to 15 Y Combinator start-ups by writing a single check.


Funders Club is backed by A-list venture capitalists such as First Round Capital and Chris Dixon.

Prominent Deals

One of its portfolio companies, TalentBin, was acquired by Monster Worldwide. Its other prominent companies include InstaCart, which is currently valued at more than $1 billion.

How It Makes Money

Funders Club makes money via management fees and carry, just like a venture fund.

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