AngelList got its start back in 2010, before equity crowdfunding was even born. It launched as an informal “online introduction board” that connected tech start-ups with angel investors. Nowadays, it tends to feature tech-focused deals that are based in Silicon Valley.

What Makes it Unique
Since its launch, AngelList has continually pushed the innovation envelope. One of its recent products is called “Syndicates,” which allows investors like you to join the deals of prominent investors—investors who’ve already done significant research on a particular start-up.

AngelList is backed by some of the most prominent venture firms on the planet—from Kleiner Perkins to Google Ventures. More recently, it received $400 million from CSC Venture Capital, the U.S. arm of a huge Chinese private equity fund, to invest in its start-ups. This represents the single largest pool of funds ever devoted to early-stage start-ups.

Success Story
One of the first deals that AngelList posted in 2010 was for a tiny transportation company called Uber. If you’d made a $10,000 investment in Uber back in 2010, today you’d be sitting on an estimated $60 million.

How It Makes Money

AngelList makes money in two ways: 1) It earns a small piece of the “carry” on its Syndicates deals; and 2) it acts as a job placement board for job seekers looking to work at tech start-ups.

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