What It Is
CrowdRise is an innovative, cost-effective online fundraising website for personal fundraisers, non-profit fundraising and event fundraising.

How It Works
CrowdRise is a fundraising site that focuses heavily on fundraising together. You can create events and others can fundraise for them. It is often used by celebrities.

Your donation to a US-Based 501(c)3 charitable organization through CrowdRise is 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You’ll automatically receive an email receipt that meets the IRS requirements for a record of your donation.

Funders earn points when you raise money or give to a cause. It's the only rewards program in the giving world.

Best For
Those that want to raise funds for a personal cause or a charity or charity that want a new way to reach out to the crowd.

The Catch
Must have a U.S. bank account and doesn't accept PayPal

The Cost
3% of the total funds raised for personal fundraisers (includes credit card fees). 5% of total funds raised by charities or 3% of total funds if charities subscribe to a $50 a month service (includes credit card fees).

Avg. $ Raised

Success Story

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