Bay Pac Beverages, Inc.

Food and beverage consumers worldwide are increasingly demanding products that are pure, healthy, organic, sustainably produced and socially responsible. Bay Pac's products fill this need. We develop and distribute beverages from around the world that are made with unique, sustainably farmed and, where possible, Fair Trade Certified ingredients... and we never compromise taste! When a consumer purchases one of our brands, they can be assured that they have chosen quality, purity, taste and social responsibility. As an added benefit to investors, all of our brands are positioned in the fastest growing segments of their market, Social responsibility matters to us... we believe that our stature as a company is measured equally by the positive contribution we make to the lives of people, communities and the environment, as well as by achieving financial success. All Bay Pac brands have a strong appeal for socially-minded consumers. Additionally, chain store, hotel and cruise line buyers who are actively seeking products consistent with their Corporate Social Responsibility programs are attracted to these products. Our current products include the FAIR line of premium spirits (a quinoa vodka, a London dry gin, an aged Belize rum, a coffee liqueur, and a goji berry liqueur), all made with Fair Trade certified ingredients. A value-priced GMO- free French wheat vodka and a low gluten amber ale craft-brewed with quinoa are additional products.

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