Click here to support Urgent! Food and Water Aid for Kenyan Magarini Children Centre and Organic Farm by LEAD FEATHER INC

A drought that began in 2014 has left the Magarini Children Centre and Organic Demonstration Farm in emergency need of funds to purchase food to last until mid August, when crops might be expected for harvest ($3500). Current food supplies are expected to run out as soon as mid-May. Please make a donation Now! Additional funds are needed for the drilling of a bore hole (water well) making the Centre\'s agriculture efforts independent of increasingly unreliable seasonal rains ($25,000 to include drilling and outfitting). The Centre, absent NGO and government support, now provides formal education for 220 orphans and children at risk, as well as three meals a day ($50 US cost) and housing for some. It is their goal to become an Eco-Village, sustainably providing for their local food and energy and water needs while also restoring local forests and landscapes. The initial addition of a 40,000 liter rain catchment system in 2015 makes a significant contribution toward this end. Recent early May rains have allowed for the planing of sorgum, green peas, maze, okra and varieties of water melon. This learning to care for the soil and the plants is used to teach the children skills of self-care and love, and peace building skills for peaceful living and conflict resolution. The drilling of the borehole will help ensure the return of food independence to the Center as well as the regional influence of the center as a visionary influence of thrivability in our disruptive times. Please, while consciously touching that place of gratitude and ...

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