OurCrowd got its start by focusing on high-quality Israeli tech deals. It’s now expanding
internationally—in fact, one of its recent deals was for a new type of car rental company in India.

What Makes it Unique

OurCrowd is a mix between a venture firm and a funding platform. As a venture firm, it raised a pool of capital from limited partners to allocate to start-ups. As a funding platform, it allows investors like you to co-invest when it identifies an attractive opportunity.
It also tends to take board seats in its portfolio companies, which means it stays involves and continues to push for its companies’ success.


OurCrowd recently raised a $25 million round of financing. Its backers include prominent private equity professional Andy Heyer, CEO of Mistral Equity Partners, and Geoff Levy, former CEO and Chairman, Investec Bank Australia.

Prominent Deals

OurCrowd had success early: one company it funded, ReWalk, IPO’d just 13 months after investors got involved. It’s now become well-known for getting deal flow from top- tier venture capitalists—from Canaan Partners and Accel Partners (literally the #1 venture fund in the world) to Index Ventures.

How It Makes Money

OurCrowd makes money via management fees and carry, just like a venture fund.

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